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Laurelight – Brighter Days

Laurelight is a growing musician, who creates synth pop, disco tracks. Laurelight is currently releasing more and more music, including his newest track “Brighter days.” As he continues to tour around the UK and Italy, his music gathers more and more of an interest.

“Brighter days” is the ultimate alternative pop track, which has elements of synth pop. It is clear that Laurelight has taken inspiration from 80s disco tunes. This song almost brings about a sense of nostalgia. The electronically created beats are definitely unique. Not only has Laurelight included synth pop, but there are also components of rock as there is a guitar featured at the beginning.

Laurelight’s vocalism one that is distinctive but good, his voice keeps us intrigued by the song.

If you have never heard any of Laurelight’s music before, “Better days” is a good one to begin with as it is such a good track!

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