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  • Natalie Clark – How High

    Natalie Clark is a Scottish singer-songwriter, who has been working exceptionally hard with her music! Natalie gave her up her previous teaching career, to pursue her love and passion of music, and created a career out of that. Natalie has just released a brand-new single, “How High” and I am obsessed!

    This new track of hers is incredibly catchy and upbeat. It is the kind of the song you will find yourself playing on repeat as you just cannot get it out of your head! “How High” is a pop track that has a slightly dark hint to it. The beat is quite intense, but it will definitely get you bopping your head along to it.

    Due to never listening to anything of Natalie’s before, I was super intrigued to hear her vocals, and I must say I was blown away! She has a soft, melodic voice, yet you can tell she is incredibly powerful! Her vocals are pure and just outstanding! Hearing her will give you a break from modern rap and hip-hop and will enter you into a world full of fantastic and real vocalism!

    “How High” has got to be heard by everyone, and I mean that! Check out Natalie’s newest single now!

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  • Xivra – Warm In Winter

    The artist Xivra has just released a new single last month called, “Warm In Winter”, and I have to say it’s a good one! First of all, let’s just take a look into who Xivra is! Well, Xivra is a European songwriter, producer and musician! She creates music that is almost unexpected, with a combination of different genres! Some of her music may be acoustic, yet some may be electronic dance, you will never know!

    “Warm In Winter” is more of a dream-pop/electronic track, and it is incredibly catchy! The hit is quite a soft, yet dance track, that I can definitely imagine hearing in a club! As the choruses approaches the song builds up into a fantastic beat, that will undoubtedly get you dancing along to it!

    It is undeniable that the vocals in “Warm In Winter” are amazing and beautiful! Although this song is more electronic, the vocals are sung so softly and peacefully! Her singing reminds me of an angel, as her voice is so melodic and lovely to listen to! She has the kind of voice that will make you fall in love within seconds.

    Go and check out Xivra’s new single of Spotify now and you will not be disappointed!

    This review is purely the property of The Music Asylum

  • SillyKing Denny – I Dunno

    WOW! Just WOW!

    SillyKing Denny has really created a fantastic track that I just cannot get enough of!

    “I Dunno” is SillyKing Denny’s latest release, being dropped just this week! “I Dunno” is an exceptionally short song, lasting only just under one and a half minutes, but it definitely fits the saying short but sweet!

    The track is of hip-hop style, yet it includes some amazing elements! The idea of autotune is also used in this track, making it’s sound more unique! The beat is almost contagious and will undoubtedly get you bopping your head along to it. Although it is quite simple, it remains the same for the duration of the song, getting your body moving too! The song slowly fades out at the end of the song, just leaving you wanting more!

    The vocalism is also great in this track! The male vocals are fairly high; however, the deeper backing vocals harmonize with the lead perfectly! This song has the perfect balance!

    If you are looking for a short but sweet track, then this is definitely the one for you! Give SillyKing Denny’s new track a listen to now!

    This review is purely the property of The Music Asylum

  • Living With The Storm – Memoria

    A nice, new, fresh album released by Living With The Storm is topic of conversation for today!

    Living With The Storm is the solo project of Jim Bryant, and he is out creating new music of electronic, trip-hop, and progressive rock. In the past two years, Jim has already released two different EPs and two albums, “Memoria” being the second one!

    “Memoria” is a twelve-song album, that was released on the 23rd of January, this year. The album has a wide range of variety with the shortest track, “A March Down Memory Lane”, being only 54 seconds long and the longest one, “When The Stone Breaks, Its Still Stone”, being 8 minutes and 29 seconds.

    This is a very ambient album, full of mystery, and you will definitely find yourself engrossed for the entire of the album.

    Some of the tracks do not include vocals, and are purely just music, like “A March Down Memory Lane” and “Memoria II (Canalside).”

    Every track is so unique, therefore picking out your favourite of the collection is incredibly hard. For me, my favourite track has got to be, “A London Silence”. This song is quite dark, however the music is so engrossing. The vocals that are included in this track are also fantastic. He clearly has some power behind his voice and sings exceptionally well!

    In this whole album there are four “Memoria” different tracks, “Memoria I (In Memoria)”, “Memoria II (Canalside)”, “Memoria III (Midnight)” and “Memoria IV (Submerged)”. All these tracks are relatively short, and definitely very interesting!

    I find it difficult to pinpoint an exact genre that this album comes under, as “Memoria” includes experimental electronics, ambient pop, soundscapes, and ideas that are very euphoric!

    This is a brilliant album, full of interesting musical pieces that seem to tell a story. Each song has its own specialties, some being amazing vocals, and some being incredible instrumentals, however the album as a whole is just brilliant! “Memoria” is available across different music platforms now and you should undoubtedly give it a listen to!

    This review is purely the property of The Music Asylum

  • Shadowbanned – Lennon – McCartney

    Shadowbanned is an artist who constantly creates fresh, timeless pop hits!

    Chris Sizemore is the face behind Shadowbanned, and he is not only a musician, but also a producer and a songwriter! He is often known to create soft, emotional hits, that can be enjoyed by anyone and everyone!

    Shadowbanned has recently dropped a new song, “Lennon – McCartney” and it is honestly such a beautiful soft pop song! Everything about this song is absolutely perfect, ranging from angelic vocals to fantastic musical structures!

    The track is soft, and in fact quite emotional. The song is one that will get you swaying along to, and you will find yourself listening to it on repeat. The instrumental sound is a lovely touch and is a nice break away from the electronic dance music that we are used to!

    I have to say that Shadowbanned’s vocals are just stunning! The way he sings is so heartfelt and soulful, I honestly have just fallen in love with his vocals! He has the kind of sound that you could never get bored of, and just want to hear all day! Chris is clearly singing with some emotion and pain, making the song even more beautiful.

    All I can say now is WOW! This track is amazing!

    This review is purely the property of The Music Asylum

  • Hyde – Not A Flex

    Hyde, also known as Chris Greene, has been studying music and hip-hop for decades now. He works extremely hard in his music, ensuring that his lyricism is perfect, his music flows and the delivery is exceptional! Hyde has a lot of different musicians who influence his music, with the likes of Kanye West, Mac Miller, Frank Ocean and even The Beatles being included in that!

    Luckily for us, Hyde has just released a new song, “Not A Flex.” “Not A Flex” is not a solo project however, as artists Mahoney $ and SeaJay have also worked with him to create this masterpiece!

    This track is undoubtedly of hip-hop/rap style and is super catchy! The song kicks off hard, with a strong, steady beat accompanied by some fantastic rapping. The beat is fairly simple and quite repetitive, however it is the perfect match for this song, as it gets you bopping your head, but it also pushes your attention to all the different rapping.

    Whether you are a rap fan or not, you could never fault any of these artists or their rapping. They present their words in a clear, yet interesting way! Each part is understandable, however their rapping skills are just outstanding! Every chorus is filled with good vibes and is just perfect!

    “Not A Flex” is available now!

  • Wrené – Deflect, Dissolve

    Wrené is an actor, poet, and vocalist who is constantly experimenting with her music. You will often find that she includes messages in her music and creates some fantastic lyrics.

    Wrené has just released a new hit, “Deflect, Dissolve” and it is a great one! “Deflect, Dissolve” is an electronic/alternative pop track that is really quite euphoric!

    The music in this track is just incredible and very engrossing! It has mysterious elements to it, and the sound will definitely make you so invested in the song! In the background there is a heavy drum sound, that almost sounds like a banging on a wall!

    This track is not one you can just describe, it has so many different interesting parts to it, that you need to experience!

    The vocalism is this track is also beautiful! Wrené has an amazing, soulful voice that is full of power. For this song, she sings with such ease, yet you can hear strength and unity in her vocals!

    I cannot recommend this song by Wrené enough and I cannot wait to see what other pieces she brings out for us in the future!   

    This review is purely the property of The Music Asylum

  • Jay Roecker – Pour On Me

    Jay Roecker has done it again and released another great hit, this one being called, “Pour On Me”. Jay Roecker is an experimental musician, who always does amazingly with his music! Today we are looking into his new release, “Pour On Me” that is from his forthcoming album ‘Electronic Symphonic’.

    “Pour On Me” was only released at the end of last year, but it has already had such a big listening already! This track has got to be one of the catchiest tunes I have ever heard and is definitely perfect to dance to! The song is of electronic pop style and includes some amazing electro elements and beat drops! Without a doubt, with one listen you will find yourself listening to this song repeatedly!

    Another reason I love this song so much, is due to the brilliant vocals! Sung by a man, we can really hear the talent in his voice. Some parts are sung in a more robotic style, however in other parts of the song we get to hear him reach high notes and really show us his range!

    If you are looking for an amazing party track that gives reminders of fun summer nights, then this track, “Pour On Me” is definitely the one for you!

    This review is purely the property of The Music Asylum

  • Sugar Nova – Tiny Helicopters

    After hearing work of Sugar Nova’s in the past, I was super excited to hear what else they had created!

    Sugar Nova are a Denver based duo that consists of the singer Raven Jane and Luke Miller. Sugar Nova create some fantastic music that includes elements of indie-dance, disco, electronic/dream pop and chillwave. However, they often imbed deep lyrical meanings to their music, and somehow maintain an upbeat, dance track!

    “Tiny Helicopters” is the duo’s latest single, that dropped at the end of last year! This is the kind of track that you will become obsessed with after one listen, undoubtedly!

    Although the song begins slowly, with an introduction of Raven Jane’s voice, it builds up to a catchier and dance beat. The beat drop in the chorus is one that will get you moving your body too!

    Without a doubt, Raven’s beautiful vocals are incredible in this song. She sings with such passion and purity, and her voice has something special about it. Her vocalism is one that you can never tire of, and even has angelic reminders!

    If you are in the mood for a catchy, yet laid-back track, then “Tiny Helicopters” is undoubtedly the one you need to listen to!

    This review is purely the property of The Music Asylum

  • PRATTO – Into The Night

    PRATTO is a skilled music artist and producer, who is climbing his way to the top in the electronic music industry. PRATTO is originally from Miami and has been creating music for over a decade, with inspirations from other amazing stars such as Cedric Gervais, Tiesto, Jay Z, Eminem, and Outcast! PRATTO has been working hard on fresh music for the new year, and he has just released a new hit, “Into The Night”.

    “Into The Night” was created by not only PRATTO himself, but also Jordan Grace too! From the second I heard this song, it is safe to say I was addicted! It is the ultimate club hit, that is full of good vibes, and sets the perfect mood for partying!

    The beat builds its way up to the chorus each time, leading to a catchy, and dance feeling! I honestly can imagine this being heard in a nightclub and it would be absolutely amazing! The piece that PRATTO has put together for this, cannot be faulted!

    Without a doubt, the vocalism in this track is also fantastic! Although, the music is very club like, the vocals are more laid-back. He sings with such purity, and you will just honestly fall in love with his voice!

    This new track by PRATTO is already out across different music platforms, and you should definitely give this one a go!

    This review is purely the property of The Music Asylum