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Herald K – Circe

Let’s have a little look at Herald K and his newest release, “Circe.” To kick this off, who is Herald K? Well Herald K is a Norwegian singer-songwriter who is based in Vienna. He will be dropping 10 tracks under his album project “Mythologies” in May of this year, and “Circe” is the third one, after ‘Arethusa’ and ‘Wandering Aengus’, from this project.

A song about “Circe”, the infamous witch of antiquity, and of the Odyssey, who by magic potions turns men into swine. The idea of the track being based on a mythological figure is very intriguing and quite unique, so when I heard about it, I could not wait to get started.

A very beautiful element of this song has got to be the amazing vocals. There are male vocals, are his voice is quite distinctive. His voice is one that I would describe as unique and mysterious, which is perfect for the track!

The actual musical side of this song is not usually my cup of tea, with elements of folk and classical music, however the way this has been created is just fantastic!

After hearing this track from the project, I am definitely going to give the other nine a listen to!

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